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Leather and Upcycled Canvas Ladies Bag 10 x 10




We prioritize the use of Earth-friendly raw materials throughout our manufacturing process. From non-toxic natural dyes to responsibly sourced organic tanning agents, we carefully select materials that minimize harm to the environment. By opting for sustainable practices, we aim to create products that not only meet your expectations but also contribute to a healthier planet.




The process of vegetable tanning results in leather acquiring a stunning patina effect. This captivating transformation occurs organically as the leather ages with time, use, and exposure to varying weather conditions and temperatures.




Our artisans represent the pinnacle of excellence in the industry. With exceptional skills and a deep appreciation for our Western culture and heritage, they adhere to the highest standards of bag manufacturing. Employing distinctive hand finishing and production techniques, our dedicated craftsmen, whom we proudly refer to as patrons, possess extensive experience and boundless passion. Their commitment is unwavering, ensuring the creation of remarkable products that rival the world's top brands.


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